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Imitations R Us [entries|friends|calendar]
imitations r us!

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[25 Jul 2006|02:53pm]

Read the rules.
See who's taken.
Post your application.
find me at -----> cobain_k
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So...I'm pulling out. [09 Feb 2006|10:22pm]

I'm sorry. I just...barely play with Claudio anymore. And I like...never update his journal.

I'll still be on, using his SN, though. So...if you want to chat, or bitch me out, feel free. I might come back...but I've just...lost inspiration for him.
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[02 Jan 2006|12:27am]

[ mood | happy ]

Welcome friends;

This will be the first and only public post in this journal, and this is merely a welcome post.

Here is where you will be given the link to put in new applications which can be found here. Please label all applications with "Plastic souls are cheap."

One of the maintainers (Tre Cool or Jeffree Star) will reply to your comment to tell you if you have been accepted into the community or rejected.

If you have any questions my (Tre-player) personal screen name for aol/aim is "LxveTheWayYxuMxv" and you can reach me there, ask for Gidget. If I'm not online and/or you would rather post, visit main_tain_er.

Thank you and I look forward to writing with you all soon. :)

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